Monday, November 1, 2010

Random stuff no one cares about

Izzi (our youngest) just turned 12. She had a sleepover with Eva, Victoria and AG. (Madison spent the night with Baylee) the night after, Oct. 30th, when we had trick-or-treating in Avon. The girls and I had the School Open House, then I took Izzi and her friends to Metropolis mall. They went to Toys-R-Us, Justice, and Claires. Then we came home, the girls dressed up and Rog took them trick or treating. Audrey Gail stayed here to help me pass out candy. We went through two huge bowls and had to turn our light on before 8:00 because we didn't have any more. But when the girls got back and started trading, they had SO MUCH FUN. Izzi told me at least two times how happy she was. She just hugged me and looked up into my face and said, "I'm so happy." All the girls were talking in the car about how this was the best day they'd ever had. They stayed on the trampoline until late, then watched a movie in the living room.

Yesterday (Sunday) was the family birthday party for Miriam and Izzi at Bone and Leah's house. Madison and AG were there. We had a taco salad bar. Yum!!!

I took AG and Madison home and talked to Kelly for a long time. Last night Rog and I just hung out. It was nice. I love my husband.

Well, that's all. Peace!

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Elena said...

You have a busy day everyday with your big family!