Monday, July 12, 2010

July, 2010

Even though I'm not feeling creative or funny at all today, I decided I needed to start blogging again, just to keep a journal or record of our lives. So here goes...

A person I know whom shall remain nameless to protect their identity, experienced a significant physical event for the first time yesterday. This on the heels of buying a real bra last week (instead of a training bra) and beginning to shave her legs the week before that. And she and I have been sharing clothes for the last couple months and sometimes Rog even mistakes her for me out of the corner of his eye. It's so weird how fast it little girl becoming a woman-girl. But I am so happy and pleased with the glimpses I see of the woman she will be some day. I just hope that day doesn't come too soon!

We actually had a family lunch at my mom's after church yesterday, something that used to be a weekly event. But it hasn't happened since my sister and her husband brought their two boys home from Ethiopia two months ago. So it was really nice.

Rog got Wil a job at his office working two days a week in the shipping department making ten dollars an hour. It's just too bad Wil doesn't have a true understanding of appreciation of such a cherry job falling in his lap like that. But we're still praying and hoping that it might be a growing, maturing experience.

And last night, he played his first double elimination baseball game. Even though they actually hit two home runs in the game, they still lost. Oooh, that hurt. Or was that all the bugs that dined on me during the game? A little bit of both, I guess.

And what's going on with this heat wave that is sweeping much of the country? (Hey, wait a minute. I sound like a really bad comedy routine. I deeply apologize, but I can't seem to stop.) This is the hottest overall summer I can remember. I mean, we have really hot and humid days here in the summer, but usually not so MANY and for so long in a row. It's in the mid nineties pretty much every day. I usually like the heat and would still much rather have this than snow, but it's actually getting to me a little this year. And our tomato plants have blight. I think I'm about ready to cry since I pretty much live on fresh tomatoes in August. And we planted 12 plants this year just to make sure we have enough. Sigh.

Well, that's it for now. Miss Sniz out. Try the veal and don't forget to tip your waitresses.


penguinsandladybugs said...

I think I know what you are referring to regarding the significant event. Someone very close to me experienced this the end of last year....and she is taking it in stride. Me? I was a mess for a couple months! How are you?

Sniz said...

Hi Penguins!!!

I'm having a harder time than she is too! A couple of years ago, I got her a book about the changes a girls' body goes through, and she keeps it by her bed and has memorized it, I think. So she said, "Mom, you don't need to talk to me about this...I know just what to do. I was expecting it." Wha??? Um, what about me? I NEED to tell you about it, Sweetie. LET MOM TELL YOU ABOUT IT!!!! (pant, pant)

Claire said...

My dd had her significant event happen while I was on a trip, and she was staying with her grandma (my mom). Broke my heart that I wasn't there, but she took it in stride.

Weird weather this year, for sure. Here in So Cal, we usually have 100 degree days in July, but so far, we've barely broken 85, and the mornings and evenings have been downright chilly. Truly strange.

Nice to see you blogging again, Sniz. I stopped during Lent in 2009, and haven't started up again.