Thursday, April 1, 2010

Confessions of a Deadbeat Blogger and bagless vacuums

OK, so it's been a little while since I blogged. OK, maybe a little longer than that. OK, maybe a LONG TIME. Anyway, I just signed on today for the first time in --- ahem, A WHILE, and I had 40 comments to moderate. Yay, I thought. I am popular even when I'm a deadbeat! Imagine my angst when I realized that 39 out of 40 comments were links that if you followed them, would take to you to sites selling Viagra or discount shoes or illegal prescription drugs. Of course, looking at the gigantic list, I thought of starting a new home business. After all, the links were all there...all I had to do was hit "publish", and everyone who visited my blog could use it to access all the worthwhile free stuff available on the internet. But then I wondered about kickbacks and began to seriously doubt that I would see any monetary recompense for "sharing important links". So, beside the one comment from a blog entry that is a couple of years old (for some reason I still get a lot of comments on this post I wrote a long time ago about softball chants), I deleted all the rest. So if you are "Anonymous", I'm sorry. Use your name next time and you might get farther.

Last night the family went to buy a new vacuum cleaner. "Oh that's nice" you think. But you'd be wrong.

See, we've lived in our house for ten years. When we moved here, I was a good housekeeper. In fact, I even remember a friend commenting to me one time that everything looked so nice and clean in my house, especially the floors. I commented cheerily (if a little smugly), that since I didn't have to work outside the home, that keeping our house clean was the least I could do. And I even thought at the time that it was pretty easy to do. (Poor, disillusioned girl.)

This brings me to the present and our vacuum cleaner. It's been broken for a while (okay, 6 months) and although I did enjoy the built-in excuse for dirty floors it provided, I realized the time had come for a new one when I vacuumed my grandma's house for her, and the vacuum didn't emit even one of those little "ping" noises a vacuum makes when it's picking up dirt. Even at my housekeeping peak, our vacuum always sounded like a bike with a trading card in the spokes as I pushed it around our living room. Oops, there going a Polly Pocket shoe...oops, there goes a poptab or a plastic bead or a cheese cracker or a piece of pizza (how did THAT get there?)...well, you get the idea.

Anyway, last night we brought our new bagless vacuum cleaner home and tried it out for less than 10 seconds to see how it worked. That's when I found out that I prefer a "bagged" vacuum because when we pulled out the "dirt cup", it was nearly full of dust and dirt (after only 10 seconds). "What in the heck?" we thought. "Where did that come from?" As a side note here, in my opinion, the so-called "dirt cup" is a horrible invention designed to make housekeepers everywhere feel like failures. Since that time I have been studiously avoiding thinking about what that really means, that the floor we've been walking on for the past month or so was FILTHY. Besides, if I vacuumed today, hardly any dirt get would get in the "dirt cup".
Of course, I don't think about the fact that I vacuumed slowly and carefully several times last night and had to empty said "dirt cup" often. I mean, what really matters is how clean it is now, right? Not how clean it was when my kids slept on the floor last weekend.

As I write this, it occurs to me that if I were to get philosophical, I might see an analogy between our hearts and how dirt can hide in them and how the longer we go between deep cleanings, the more the filth builds up until we don't even notice it. We'd rather keep all the dirt in a bag that we can throw away without seeing or touching all the filth.

And I might wonder that while my life looks clean on the outside, how much dirt would be in my "dirt cup"?

I might think those things if I was getting philosophical.


Tracy said...

Where does the housekeeping fairy go? She lived in my house a while ago, but you cannot tell that today :o) We do take care of the big stuff, like roof repairs! (I am freaked out by bagless vacuums~what's keeping the dirt away from me, should the vacuum unexpectedly flip open?!?)

Welcome back to blogland. I can't remember how I found your blog, but have always enjoyed your posts!I am here, but my ambitious Thanksgiving blog sort of did me in...Must-finish-before-next-Thanksgiving..

From a full heart... said...

Wow. I will never look at my Dyson the same again! What a great analogy!
I felt like a total loser housekeeper when I first got a bagless too. But OH how I love it now!

Happy Easter!

Claire said...

Welcome back, Sniz!!! :) I gave up blogging for 2009, and still haven't returned.

I have one of those bagless vacuums, and it is truly disgusting to empty it out...usually several times per room, since we have a very hairy dog.

Sniz said...

Hi Claire and Jeanine, my old friends! So what's your opinion of whether the bagless cleans better? It gets out more dirt, that's obvious. But the dirt gets out some when I'm emptying it. If it picks up so much dirt in each room, how in the world could a bagged vacuum go for very long without changing the bag? Did it not pick up nearly as much? Or did it just stop getting new dirt when the bag was full and we didn't know it? These are things I wonder.

And yes, just like dirt, I want to get rid of sin in my life without looking at it.

Sniz said...

BTW Jeanine, my link to your blog no longer says it's open to invited readers only. Do you think you could invite me? Pretty please? My email is if you need it. Thanks a lot!

Forgetfulone said...

We've missed you and your philosophy!

You can hardly by a bagged vac anymore. Bagless. I don't like it but I've gotten used to it. I'd rather my stuff be concealed in that bag. I don't want to see it! But, alas, that isn't to be.